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Ty's Recreation

Roof Top tent 2-3 person.

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Insects and Mosquitoes Proof, Transparent Window Screen. Protection and viewing do not interact with each other



A Camping Necessity A Mobile Home

Take it to travel.



l Product Descriptions

Name: Mag tower roof tent Net / Gross Weight: 48 / 55kg

Colour of Canvas: Brown Ladder: 2.3M contraction ladder

Size of the Open Tent: 2.4*1.4*1.3m Size of the Folded Tent: 1.4*1.2*0.26m

Apply to what Seasons: Spring, summer, autumn and winter Top Cloth: 420D oxford fabric

Main Cloth: 280TC 2000 waterproof lattice cloth

Material of bed board: Aluminum frame; the top and bottom are aluminum plate construction

Retractable Ladder

with Buckles

Each adder and the bottom of the ladder are non-slip.


Product Details

The details reveal the quality.

ZincAlloy Pressure Buckle Strap

More peace of mind on the road.

ExtendedPull Rods

Support the small balcony, to view more conveniently.

Insects and Mosquitoes Proof, Transparent Window Screen.

Protection and viewing do not interact with each other.

Double Doors, Sun-shading and Ventilative.


Aluminum alloy cellular board.

Safety andFirmness

Built-in aluminum alloy frame wind rods.

6.Built-in Storage Bags

It can store personal items, practical and convenient.

Extra Space for Sitting without Bending Your Head.

1.3m clear height, and it can accommodate 3-4 people.


Waterproof plaid cloth.

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